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A Peel That Won't Put Your Social Plans on Hold!

I can't believe it's almost September! That's just crazy to me. I feel like Summer flew right by! With Fall and Winter seasons coming, so is PEEL SEASON!! WooWhoo! I love chemical peels because they provide such amazing results for my acne clients and for my own personal acne and hyperpigmentation. I recently found a brand new peel called the BioRePeel! When I looked into it further I found out that it is a peel that provides excellent results with little downtime!! The before and after pictures I saw had me floored. I reached out to the

sales rep and got more information and became part of the private Facebook page. There are so many treatments out there that seem too good to be true so I did as much research as I could before promoting and investing this new treatment. I've read a million posts with all the tips and FAQ. I learned everything that I possibly could about this peel and I've even had it done myself!! I love this treatment because I feel like it can help so many of my clients. My clients come to Belle Ame vulnerable and sometimes frustrated with what to do with their skin. It's sometimes hard to be patient for those results that we want and when I learned more about this peel I just knew this was perfect for my clients! This was not added to our treatment menu without a lot of thought and research.

The BioRePeel is a complete cosmetic procedure, (mostly) painless, needle free and suitable for ALL skin types and areas of the body! BioRePeel Improves the skin surface, imperfections, and accelerates cell turnover. Stimulating the reconstruction of collagen and elastin deep within the skin layer, results can be seen instantly and continue to improve over the following weeks.

With very minimal skin shedding, this revolutionary professional grade peel means you won't have to put your social plans on hold while your skin heals.


IMMEDIATE RESULTS: Leave your treatment with an instant glow and watch as the results improve in the coming days!

MINIMAL TO NO AFTEREFFECTS: Gone are the days of hiding while your skin heals, like so many other peels. With minimal shedding, you can go on with your daily life! BioRePeel is NOT photosensitive and can therefore be used ALL YEAR ROUND!!

NEEDLE FREE AND PAINLESS (mostly): BioRePeel is applied without a needle - The instant glow and hydrating skin feeling can be achieved on your lunch hour!

ACTIVE INGREDIENT ACTION: The super moisturizing formula stimulates the skin in a biosynthetic process essential to countering effects of aging and skin damage caused by UV rays and environmental pollution.

BioRePeel is a high quality Italian made product. It's patented formula penetrates the superficial layer

of your skin. There it creates a HEALTHY chemical inquiry, helping produce collagen and elastin. It is rich in a combination of amino acids and vitamins.

Unlike your traditional TCA peels, most chew at the superficial layers of the skin until the desired are is barely visible anymore. Who says your skin needs to peel to achieve optimal results?! The BioRePeel gets to the root of the issue and assists in pushing it up and out for significantly longer lasting results.

The BioRePeel can be performed in a single session or used in several treatments to address the following skin concerns: Sun damage, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, rosacea, large pores, melasma and general skin rejuvenation!

Schedule a consultation today with our team at Belle Ame to see how many treatments are right for you!

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