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Updated: Dec 28, 2020

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“How can I get rid of the blackheads on my nose?” This is a question I get frequently from clients. Some days you might look in the mirror with those little black dots staring back at you. You know you shouldn’t be aggressive with your skin, but it’s hard to resist squeezing! Before you go “attacking” your face, I want to explain the function of your pores and how to correct and prevent blackheads.

How do your pores work?

Your pores serve has a home for your hair follicle and oil producing glands called sebaceous glands. Your pores are an opening for sebum, oil, to get to the skin’s surface. The sebaceous glands job is to moisturize and protect the skin. When your pores seem to appear larger, the pores are filled with debris, trapped oil and dead skin cells. The congestion in your pores turns in to a “blackhead” when oxidation occurs. A tip to keep your pores healthy and functioning well is to find a good balanced skin care routine. Find great products that won’t strip too much oil from your skin causing dry skin and your sebaceous glands to work overtime, but also finding products that don’t allow too much buildup on your skin. So, how can I safely remove blackheads? See a licensed esthetician!

Removing Blackheads

Since hair grows at all different angles and a pore is a hair follicle, you have to approach a blackhead from the right angle. This is difficult to do on your own face. What normally ends up happening when you attempt to do it yourself? You rip the skin and can cause more damage without getting the sebum and debris out of the pore cleanly. Even worse, you often end up pushing the clogged debris in the wrong direction, stretching the follicle and sometimes sending bacteria even deeper into the skin where it causes more issues. Being too aggressive is the biggest mistake.

How to Remove Blackheads at Home

If you’re still determined to do the extractions yourself, please prepare your skin first. First perform a thorough cleanse and apply a warm, damp washcloth for a few min. Then GENTLY press down on the skin all around the pore only using a CLEAN extraction tool. Use only the smallest loop, not the large one. If nothing happens? STOP and let the pros do what they do best!

Let the Pros do What They do Best

Hands down an esthetician can do a better job extracting your blackheads. Why? We have the training, a trained eye on how to spot a blackhead and the direction it’s going. We also have the correct tools and know how to use them. We are trained to adjust the extraction tools to remove debris in the safest way without tearing your skin. When you have extractions performed during a facial treatment, you know that your skin is in good hands and that all the harmful substances are truly being removed from your face and not just being pushed around. I use a variety of tools including cotton tipped applicators and stainless steel extractors.

Extractions are performed with every treatment I offer. This includes facials, microderms, chemical peels, dermaplaning and prior to microneedling.

Still have questions? Consultations are always complimentary! Click HERE to schedule your appointment.

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